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 Healthcare Document Solutions  
From paper to electronic records
There is no need to discard existing applications or completely retrain your staff - we don't expect a clean sheet. Our software is at the heart of many of the worlds most successful businesses for a very good reason - it deals with real world formats and document creation tasks.
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Packaged solutions
We make what we sell - Software created by a world class team and a trusted name. Established in 1985, RedTitan transform and viewing software is now a market leader.
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OEM solutions
OEM vendors choose RedTitan software because it is fast and of very high quality. We give our OEM customers access to the software architects and programmers. You get a perfect fit with your software and every support for your success.
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We help healthcare providers move from paper to electronic records.

Diagnostic equipment often cannot be changed to produce electronic records without jeopardising regulatory (FDA) approval. RedTitan Print2PC captures diagnostic data sent to a printer and reprocesses to PDF or image formats. RedTitan unique solutions are used to capture patient diagnostic records on over a thousand devices worldwide. Protecting capital investment - automatically - safely - economically.

DICOM is intended to be a universal format for medical images which tries to keep image data closely marked up with other medically relevant information. RedTitan EscapeE can be used to convert print or PDF files to DICOM format and recover markup data directly from the printed page. RedTitan - a fast track to a medical electronic document standard.
Move from paper to electronic records
Manage the print and electronic formats challenge
The majority of print files are in PCL or POSTSCRIPT format. Photographic images are typically in JPEG format but the medical sector makes use of "lossless" image formats like TIFF or PNG and of course, Adobe PDF owns the electronic document arena. RedTitan is unique in providing a single simple application that lets the medical IT professional move freely amongst all of these formats to view, transform and repurpose data. We simplify the transition from paper to electronic records.
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