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Personalise customer communications
Our software is at the heart of many of the worlds most successful financial services organisations for a very good reason - it deals with real world formats and document creation tasks.

From high speed variable data printing to data stream reprocessing - RedTitan has an answer
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Future proof documents
We don't use third party librararies in our application programs. Your strategic data is not contaminated by printer driver shortcuts or DeskTop Publishing stunts.
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We make enterprise software that gives you back the ownership of your printed and electronic documents.

It is a lot easier to comply with SEC or FSA regulations if you can prove the document you print and the document you email have the same content. RedTitan software makes "archive before print" a realistic option and "view before print" saves time and resources. Using an existing print file as a source, RedTitan software provides a unique XML data recovery capability. Now you can audit a print stream or transition to new XML based technologies for web publication or .NET applications.
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Personalise customer communications with XML
You may not understand XML but it's not too hard to see adding a personal message in message.pdf to page 2 of document.pdf to produce result.pdf is very easily accomplished.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
     <FILE FILENAME="document.pdf" PAGE="2"/>
     <FILE FILENAME="message.pdf" PAGE="1" LEFT="1" />
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